The greater the requirement, the more important the product quality



Imagine a coating for plastics that no longer needs any pretreatment! No fluorination. No flame treatment. No plasma treatment. No tempering, grinding or primers. A highly rich, highly flexible surface coating that saves a great deal of time and money, meets the highest quality aspirations and fits your requirements perfectly. A priming system with the most exceptional adhesive properties.

This is our PolyPrimer.

  • Especially application-friendly.
  • Stable when stored, even when temperatures fluctuate.
  • Stable viscosity guarantees continual, easy workability.
  • PolyPrimer is dust-dry in 15 minutes under usual conditions and can be painted-over with all common painting systems without problems.





PPT sets new standards with the PolyPrimer priming system:

  • flexibla
  • saves time
  • saves product
  • reduces costs
  • lowers energy costs
  • quality

We offer PolyPrimer in two package sizes and in three colors:

  • 400 ml spray cans in gray or black
  • 1 kg can in gray, black and white


Scratches on the side mirror, paint damage on the bumper or traces of wear on the interior– at some time or other every vehicle will show small defects. Annoying, but even more annoying are high repair costs. SpotRepair is the best solution in this case. 

The PolyPrimer spray can comes in three colors and reduces effort by 70%. All that’s left is sanding, cleaning and priming the damaged areas. All PPT products are free of pretreatment requirements and guarantee reliable adhesion and quality.

Painting new parts in the repair market

In the repair market entire parts must regularly be exchanged and painted. The plastics used can be produced in all colors and with matt or shiny surfaces. Painting is therefore a necessity.

Reasons that favor painting plastics:

  • matching individual colors to the chassis paint
  • more shine and color brilliance after painting or
  • the elimination of fabrication damage.

The three PolyPrimer colors offer flexibility by providing the suitable primer, so that paint layering can be done to save as much time and material as possible.  

Less preparation, simple application and thereby definite time-savings of up to 70% – PolyPrmer can contribute to making the painting of plastic parts more efficient. The reason: the exceptional adhesive properties of the primer make conventional steps for substrate preparation, such as tempering and grinding, unnecessary. 

The surface only needs to be degreased and to have dust removed. The primer processing characteristics permit perfect adaptation to the planned repair shop work sequence – because the primer can be layered wet-on-wet after a maximum of only 15 minutes. It can then be processed without further roughening, even after multi-day storage.

With PolyPrimer by PPT you only need about 95 minutes compared to an average of approx. 215 minutes for conventional treatment!