Research and Development

Our strength in innovation
is your competitive advantage.

Our innovative strength – your competitive advantage

Imagine a coating for plastics that no longer needs any pretreatment! No fluorination. No flame treatment. No plasma treatment. No tempering, grinding or primers. A highly rich, highly flexible surface coating that saves a great deal of time and money, meets the highest quality aspirations and fits your requirements perfectly. A priming system with the most exceptional adhesive properties.

The coating for plastics with PolyPosh® inside is the one.

The goal of our research and development work is to combine customer needs, trends, ideas and new developments into high-value products. These achievements materialize as a result of our strength in innovation and high quality standards.  Intense research and development in new technologies ensures our advantage.  Many years of know-how and attaining the best, new solutions have created a bond with our partners.

Our products distinguish us, but so does our exacting analysis. This make it possible to be able to offer coating systems modified to customer demands that can be applied without any pretreatment. Plastics today account for between 15 and 20 percent by weight in the construction of automobiles. By 2030 the portion will increase to about 70 percent – as prognosticated by a current McKinsey study. This will frequently involve interior as well as exterior components that acquire their respective visual and functional properties by painting. PPT meets the challenge of increasing demands for quality and economy as well as resource efficiency by using future-oriented technology.

Our skills

  • Production and quality control
  • Advice on applications and lab-support
  • Comprehensive product program for additives, binding agents and primers
  • Chemical formula solutions for users and manufacturers of paints